The Pype Markdown flavour

Last updated February 28th, 2016


Pype uses Github flavoured Markdown.

If you know how to write Markdown, and used it before, then you don't have to learn a new markup language.

If you need a refresher course, see


Pype comes with a wikilink tag that is borrowed from WikiCreole:

[[link|optional title]]

It will link to a wiki page, relative to the root directory - content - so if you wanted to link to the document called install that lies in the docs folder, you would write:


If you don't supply a title, then the Markdown parser will use the page title meta tag.


In addition to regular markdown, Pype features Pypetext that enables you to extend the syntax.

For instance, this wiki uses this special tag for producing a Lightbox:

(lightbox:Console Commands source:workflow/commands_mobile.png target:workflow/commands.png)

Another utility tag is a clearfix tag:


Pypetext is inspired by Kirbytext

What is really cool about Pypetext is that you can add your own, bespoke tags.
For instance, you could code an extension that automatically generates an image gallery using a collection of images in a directory, and write a Pypetext function that looked like this:

(autogallery:My Gallery source:somedirectory)

It doesn't have to be limited to writing your own functions, you can use third-party widgets, etc.
Use your imagination.

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