How to install Pype

Last updated February 28th, 2016


First, you need to generate the initial configuration by running the following command in a console:

dep local-config local

You can ignore the warning because the script will not find any file to overwrite since it is the first time.

The script generates web.php and console.php files in the config directory, the index.php and deploy.php script in web and Gulpfile.js and yii at the project root, using the values that you previously entered into your servers.yml configuration file.

Composer and Node

Now, you need to install the dependencies:


Composer and asset manager instructions here.

composer install


npm install

Gulp and Browsersync instructions here..


To finish the initialization process, we need to build the assets:

gulp build


Now, that we have generated the necessary code and built our project, we are ready to deploy:

dep deploy production


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